Meet the Two best fellows in IMG helping Hands : Dr. Maneeth Mylavarapu and Dr. Amna Minhas

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Dr. Maneeth Mylavarapu
Dr. Maneeth Mylavarapu

This is Dr. Maneeth Mylavarapu 

MBBS graduate from Khammam, India. 

During my time working as a doctor in the pandemic, i realised the importance of public health, & joined Masters in Public health at Adelphi University, NY. 

Currently I am an active graduate student & graduate research assistant in department of Public Health, Adelphi University, NY. I aim to be an emergency medicine physician in United states with a career in clinical exposure, research & also mentoring. 

I love to contribute to medical research & exercise my leadership skills to make a difference for the medical community. 

My name is Amna Minhas and I am an MBBS graduate from Lahore , Pakistan. I aspire to work as a physician in the US and I am a candidate for Match of 2024. Having seen the impact of medical professionals during the pandemic, I have become increasingly interested in preventative medicine and the important role that medical researchers play in making the world a safer place.

I enjoy using my skills to contribute to research advances in the medical field. I plan to continue working in the world of research along with pursuing my career as a physician and to learn from my peers and mentors while I strive towards taking on leadership roles. But more than anything else, I want to keep helping as many people as I can, because that’s what being a doctor means to me.

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