YouTube Influencer Michael H. Forde Goes Viral With “Bro Is Living In The Future” Repost Video

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Michael H. Forde

A video of a man using a Onewheel to ride down a local street in a lawn chair has gone viral on YouTube, where it has received over 3.9 million views and more than 178,000 likes at the time of writing.

The clip, posted on Michael H. Forde’s YouTube, and originally shared by Instagram user @mercedezart, shows a man placing a lawn chair on a Onewheel in Waikiki, Hawaii and traveling down a local street with speed similar to that of an electric scooter. The footage was overlaid with a caption that reads, “Bro is living in year 3022 [crying laughing face emoji].”

The video was also shared on Michael H. Forde’s Instagram with a caption that reads, “Bro is living in the future [crying laughing face emoji] Follow @michaelhforde for more [crying laughing face emoji] (Via: @mercedezart) #future #livinginthefuture #lifehack #lifehacks #funny #funnyvideos #funnymemes #funnymeme #funnyvideo #funnyposts #funnyreels #lol.”

The video on YouTube has more than 20,000 watch hours with 52,000 impressions. In a comment that got 9,400 likes, YouTube user Nate A simply said, “I can tell he’s going far in life what a legend”. User RAP J.R. wrote, “And they say electric cars are expensive.”

In a comment that got 4,300 likes, user C0zmic yt 2 wrote, “Me when gas prices go up [skull and crossbones emoji].”

User COD wrote, “Omg the music was in sync with him pulling OFF! THIS IS MY FAVORITE VIDEO! The way he pulled off while the music played in front of people too!!! Soooo cooool! Omg I gotta tell my mom.”

The original poster has not yet been contacted for comment. The latest viral video is available on YouTube at

Michael H. Forde’s YouTube can be found at

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