Can You Dry Different Colors Together

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Can You Dry Different Colors Together
Can You Dry Different Colors Together

Many people got concerned when they open up the dryer and wondered “Can you dry different colors together?” 

Whether you think it’s acceptable to dry different colors together or not, you should understand first what colors can be dried together and what colors should be separated. 

Can You Dry Different Colors Together? 

It’s okay until you open up the dryer and question “Can you dry different colors together?”. You may think it’s okay because drying doesn’t require the use of water or detergent.  But it’s NOT! 

This is because of colorfastness or color bleeding. And because of all the tumbling and turning in the dryer, it is not recommended to dry different colors together.

The best course of action is to follow the manufacturer’s directions and do what works best for you and your laundry. 

Why Do Colors Bleed in the Dryer?

Because manufacturers frequently use cheap dyes, overdye the clothing, or use inadequate techniques, dyes have a tendency to bleed.

Regardless of how many washes cycles, you do; this can cause bleeding when washed. Reds and oranges are particularly known for bleeding and ruining whatever they come in contact with.

How to Separate Clothes for the Dryer?

We already answered “Can you dry different colors together?” and you now know that you should separate clothes before throwing them into the dryer. 

It’s likely that you’re unsure of which clothes you need to keep apart from which. Let’s see how to divide your clothes for the dryer:  

1. Color

You must first separate your clothes based on colors. The darks and lights must be kept apart. For example, if you dry white and violet together, the violet could bleed color onto the white.

You must therefore separate clothing items of different colors.

2. Material 

You can also separate different materials of clothing. Otherwise, the damage could happen to both garments. For example, if coarser and finer materials are dried together, the coarser materials will harm the finer ones.

As a result, before washing and drying, you must separate various types of clothing.

3. Texture

Clothing with various textures should not be dried together because it may cause harm.

You must therefore separate the clothes that produce lint from those that attract lint. Otherwise, the clothing’s quality will suffer.

4. New & Old 

You must separate your clothes into new and used ones before washing and drying them.

Since the chemicals released by the new clothing when they are washed and dried alongside the old ones can spread to the new ones. You must therefore separate them.

What Colors Can Be Dried Together?

Before washing and drying your clothes, you should separate different colored clothes. But it’s difficult to wash and dry each and every piece of clothing. As a result, you can batch dry while also drying some colors.

1. Light clothes together.

2. Dark clothes together

3. White colors together. 

What Colors Can’t Be Mixed Together?

  • Black and Light Colors
  • Black and Yellow
  • Black and White
  • White and Light Colors
  • White and Dark Colors

What Happens if You Don’t Separate Laundry?

It is often recommended to separate clothing by color because there are so many different colors of clothing, especially white and colored clothing. 

Colorful clothes drying can cause the dye to bleed into white clothing, and light clothing can fade to off-shade and become damaged.

Therefore, separating your clothes will prevent them from becoming dingy.  Additionally, it stops some brightly colored clothing from transferring color to different colored clothing. 

To be safe and maintain your clothes, you should always separate them. This helps keep your whites from turning discolored. Additionally, it stops some bright clothing from transferring color to other colorful clothing.

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